Network Connectivity & Fiber Optics


We offer a large scale of networking needs including installation, Terminating, connectivity, certifying of the following cables so support a wide range of IT equipment including computers, phone systems, security cameras, wireless access points, automatic doors, nurse call lights, POE lighting etc. 

- Installation and connectivity of Copper cabling (CAT5e/CAT6)

- Installation and connectivity of Coax cabling.

- Demarcation extensions.

- Installation and connectivity of all types of Fiber Optics cabling.

- Data closet cleanups.

- Conduit installation to accommodate infrastructure.

Troubleshooting, terminating, and providing certified test results.

Full Spectrum's technicians have years of experience in specialized fiber optic services. These services include installation of cabling, terminating fiber ends, fusion splicing, troubleshooting, and certifying both single- mode and multimode. We test and certify all fiber terminations with the latest testing equipment available. We do not leave the site until all fiber is tested and working with the lowest loss as possible, this is a guarantee!




Does My Wireless network still need cable?


Wireless internet access is available in most businesses, as well as homes today. But, did you know that the hardware that powers these connections requires a cable to operate?


High Speed internet is installed using a hard-wired connection into your business. In order to share that connection throughout your office, IT staff will install a router which often provides wired connections along with wireless connections. The router provides network access to the computers, tablets and smart phones located in our office.


So while you can connect to your business internet access wireless using Wifi, that internet connection still needs reliable cabling to operate properly.


Need assistance with the wiring for your Wi-Fi?  We got you covered!

Why Is Wiring Important?

Whether you are in a small or large office, network wiring provides a solid foundation for your operations. If your wiring is not installed properly, is damaged, or is exposed, your computers will be affected. So how can you tell if your wiring is subpar? Here are some warning signs:

  • One or more computers in the office are noticeably slower when accessing files on the network.

  • Some or all of your computers randomly drop internet connections.

  • You have a tangled mess of networking cables (often colored wires) in a closet or other area.

  • Printing to network printers is often interrupted or the print jobs “disappear.”

  • Documents saved on your server or shared with other employees are routinely corrupted.

  • Your VOIP (internet based) phone system has static and experiences dropped calls.


If your business experiences any of these symptoms, faulty network wiring could be to blame.